Sunday, 12 October 2014

Copic Coloring is AMAZING FUN!

Welcome to my Copic Practice Sessions. Smiles...I fell in love with Copic markers a year ago, and haven't put them down since! I'm amazed at the gentle ease of taking a marker, and creating such vibrant colors before my very eyes. There is so much learning that goes into this art form, but I find it  soothing, whether it turns out the way I vision it, or it doesn't! Like anything we persue as a hobby, practice is required to perfect your technique, so I keep plugging away! Smile.... I enjoy watching many Copic artist's, showing their ability to take a blank stamped image, and turn it into a piece of colourful Art! Patience is a key character trait I  need while learning to master the Copic marker! As a beginner, I'm learning to except my own individual style of coloring with my COPIC'S. When I first started coloring with these remarkable markers, I found myself trying to immulate other artist's abilities, instead of incorporating their technique's into my own individual style. When I realized I had my own vision of coloring, and my own style, was I able to move forward, without becoming insecure in my work. I encourage you to become relaxed with your own style, and enjoy the experience of gleaning from other great Copic Colorist's, and their awesome technique's. I hesitate to show practice sheets on video, knowing I'm a beginner., but hey, that's where we start right, at the beginning? Have fun with these amazing markers!

Copic Texture Technique on animals

Thank you for joining me in my Craft Room today! I'm away visiting family, but I did bring along my Copic's to practice with! I've been doing animals lately, trying to develope some different textures. The camera shut off however before I was completely finished. I apologize for that. The next video I'm uploading will show the final results. One thing about COPIC'S I've learned from Sandy Allnock during class was the numbering system, and how it works on understanding your markers when colouring. It wasn't a clear explanation on the, I will try and explain it on here for you to better understand what I was trying to say on the video. Smile

The letter tells us the colour family
The first number tells us the SATURATION of the marker. Example: The LOWER the number the more PURE and VIBRANT the color. The HIGHER the number the less SATURATED and TONED DOWN the color appears.
The second number indicates the COLOR SHADE. LOWER numbers indicate LIGHTER SHADES, and HIGHER numbers indicate DARKER SHADES.

See you on the next video! Thanks to those friends checking in to see if I disappeared! Smiles

Friday, 3 October 2014

New Copic Air Compressor joined by a wee HAUL

Thanks for joining me today in my Craft Room. I know I've not been crafting as usual, but that will change as soon as I get back from vacation. I am back to retirement as of today, and a thousand projects are awaiting my return. I have all sorts of new techniques using products I have sitting around waiting to be used again. One is CHALK painted card fronts. I have so many chalk sets, I had to discover new ways to use then...I did, and can hardly wait to show you! Copic Colouring 101 will begin soon. I want to explore various techniques, and how to illustrate them on card settings. I've been practicing with my COPIC'S, so I can share some fun ways to use them. Another craft idea are coasters for Christmas gifts, using Alcohol Inks, smooth tiles, and felt. Wonderful gift idea's, at affordable prices will be on my list of tutorials! Thanks for your encouragement, and I'll see you n my next video.