Thursday, 27 November 2014

Altered Lampshade Part 2 of 3...

Thank you for joining me today, as I am heading to the FINISH LINE of this Lampshade project! For you, my American friends, I pray you had a MEMORABLE DAY, with FAMILY, and FRIENDS! I love a Turkey meal with all the trimmings...mmmm, and let's not forget the Cranberries shaped like a can!!!...YUMMY! CHRISTmas is not far off, so I can wait for my GOBBLE GOBBLE then!

I am so excited to see I have another Subscriber....yay, I'm so pleased about you joining us! Welcome!
My tutorial this evening was mainly to show you, I'm working on it. I started filming, and half way through, I knocked the camera on the floor! I began's new, right?...haha. You will not believe the different direction I went after the camera shut off! I went in my Craft Closet,  to get out my trunk of  HOARDED TRIMS, LACES, FLOWERED LACES, and so much MORE!  I started holding things up to my lampshade, and that was it! I headed off into a total different direction! Oh, it's still Shabby Chic, and remains having a VICTORIAN flair to it......just headed down a different Creative Path....Oh, I am so pleased I changed direction too! See you tomorrow, for my COMPLETED GIFT, and labour of love for a friend! I hope you'll like it!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

One of the first cards I made, reminding me to REJOICE!

Happy Thankgiving to all my American friends. May we REJOICE together, whether in Canada, or the USA, we have so much to be THANKFUL for! As we bow in PRAYER, and give THANKS for the bountiful BLESSINGS God has given us, let US remember to pray for our Soldier's, their families, that gather TOGETHER, with an empty chair beside them, because their loved ones are off protecting us this very day! REJOICE in the Lord alway, and again I say, REJOICE!

Altered Lampshade Part 1 of 3 ....WRAPPING IT UP!

Thank you for joining me today, as we COMPLETE this CHRISTmas gift together! I'm sharing each stage in 10 minute sections, so you can see the COMPLETION in little bitty stages....I may not be able to edit, but I do know when to shut my camera off! you on Part 2 next!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Preparation to ALTER this pretty LAMPSHADE

Thanks for joining me, as I prepare to Alter this Lampshade tomorrow! I've picked out my supplies, fabric, embellishments, and a few surprises! I can't wait to COMPLETE this project TOMORROW...smiles This will be fun to make, and I'm looking forward to the ALTERING PROCESS to begin! See you tomorrow, Lord Willing, and me able! BLESSINGS

Monday, 24 November 2014

COMPLETED Altered Sewing Heart Box

Thank you for dropping by my Craft Room to see the Sewing /Altered Box COMPLETED! Please ENJOY!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Altered Heart Box

Thanks for joining me in my Craft Room for my three piece altering CHRISTmas gift. Although this heart box lid I'm putting together is like watching paint dry, I had fun making it! Enjoy my friend....if you can stay awake! Lol

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Small Haul, and the start of some Altered Boxes, and matching Lampshades

Thank you for joining me in my Craft Room today! Here are a few Orders that arrived yesterday, and the start of some CHRISTmas Gifts. I decided to do some Altered Boxes, and a Lamp shade to match! Enjoy!