Sunday, 14 September 2014

Haul, Haul, Haul

Thank you for joining me in my craft room today. I wanted to pick up a few things, and this is what I ended up bring! Smiles

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Inside of Festive Corn Card using a paper napkin to follow

Festive Corn drawing, using Distress Water Colour....Video is uploading.

Water Colour with Distress Inks

Thanks for dropping by my Craft Room today. I was inspired to draw, and water colour these beautiful ears of festive corn after viewing the Frugal Crafter. I am doing a smaller version with the distress markers to place in a Challenge over on Stamp Nation. The colour challenge fit this sketch perfectly. I have to admit I scaled down the one from this video that I messed made it over on a 6x7 inch card base. I'll be doing a napkin transfer technique, and a truly FALL VINTAGE CARD, that we all know I love to create, rather than CLEAN AND SIMPLE, any you for taking the time to view my Blog. It means so much! Please give this sketch a try. It is delightful once you get started. See you on the next video! Enjoy

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A very small Thrift Store, Dollar Store Haul

Thanks for joining me in my Craft Room today. I had these bags of Thrift Store goodies sitting in the corner since last week. I was so sick the last three days it didn't bother me in the least! know I'm a bit over the edge when it comes to a clean craft room, but truly, it affects my thinking process when there's a mess around my space...haha. I needed to put these away today, because I'm back to work tomorrow, and Friday, so I wanted my room spit spot clean! After the room tidy up thing, I cased a water colour painting from today's Frugal Crafter tutorial I saw over on Google +. I actually did one larger, and one 6x6 for a card entry I'm doing over on Stamp Nation! It is a painting of Festive Corn, and thoroughly enjoyable to paint with Distress Inks. It is uploading as I type this, and I think you'll love to give it a try yourself. Enjoy!

Clean and Simple ROSES

Welcome back to my craft room! I tried another Oval Clean and Simple card using a Rose stamp. I added some diamond bling, because I had a few little spots that needed These kind of cards take some thought for me, but when completed, I really like them! Please enjoy.

A Clean and Simple Card

Welcome to my Craft Room. I have been sick, and haven't been in my craft room all week. I tried to do a few video's for you, because I really missed not getting in here to create something! I love Clean and Simple cards, but find them a real challenge. I think it's because I tend to want to fill up all the card stock, thus taking away the CLEAN look! LOL...I have been working on the one or two layer cards lately, and I have to say that I'm liking it very much! Please enjoy!